xdot GmbH

xdot GmbH, founded in 2000, is a software and service company based out of Münster, Germany. We specialise in software solutions for information searches across businesses and develop modern applications for the internet and mobile devices.

Our extensive experience and flexibly applied know-how regarding modern technologies lets us implement and manage customisable solutions for all of your needs – quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Don’t just search – find!

With our product lines xfriend and xdot search, we have been helping companies with information searches within their own networks for more than 10 years. The goal is to increase efficiency and reduce costs related to data searches and processing, as well as knowledge management.

xdot – turning good ideas into tangible solutions

To help you reach your goals, we’ll take care of everything from consulting and design to development and maintenance of the applications in our data centre. Just as you wish. We will always find the best solution for you and guarantee dependable service following successful project implementation.