xdot search Client

Don’t just search – find! xdot search Client is the decentralised search solution for Windows or Linux desktops. It searches all local data storage – quickly and conveniently. It offers flexible configuration options for businesses.

Local searches

The xdot search Client enables direct connection to local applications like Notes Client or Microsoft Outlook when performing a search. In addition, further functions can be integrated directly into the results list: it’s as easy as typing ”send document via Outlook“. Businesses can integrate search functions directly into Windows, using the existing open-search interface.

Your personalised Knowledge Cockpit.
  • personalised Knowledge Cockpit
  • multi-facetted navigation
  • search-as-you-type function
  • typo-tolerant searches
  • OCR functionality

Find it: easy and customised

Search however you like. xdot search’s Knowledge Cockpit allows you to customise your interface. By displaying or hiding modules, each user can arrange his or her own start page. Multi-facetted navigation allows for flexible navigation of data and search volumes. Step by step, you can refine search terms and limit search results.

Typo in your search? No problem. The typo-tolerant search bar in xdot search delivers optimal results, even where your search query contained mistakes or ambiguous language. The ”search-as-you-type“ function suggests logical supplements or alternatives to your search terms as you type.


Enterprise search

In larger environments, you have the option of pre-configuring and distributing the client automatically. In addition, it can be linked to the centralised xdot search server. A single, uniform interface allows users to search through all data sources simultaneously. xdot search Client is based on the same technology as xdot search Server. Only the ontology for semantic searches is not contained here.