xdot search

xdot search is a professional enterprise solution for quick and easy search operations across business servers and the internet. One search software covering all systems – both intuitive and navigable.

Enterprise Search

Find the most important information quickly and easily: just type in the search terms and off you go!  xdot search can be used via a flexible, customisable search filter/mask in your web browser, a mobile device, or directly from an application.

xdot search creates transparency and insight . All available company data sources are factored into a complete text search – regardless of storage location or format. A variety of sources can be integrated, including data systems, internet, intranet, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or even CRM systems.

And your data is kept absolutely secure: data is only available to authorized users. xdot search supports existing user management and authentication agreements within the business. 


Get it all at the click of a mouse.
  • convenient searching
  • more efficient processes
  • time and cost savings
  • improved enterprise knowledge management
  • ensured competitive advantages

Semantic searches

Finding data isn’t everything. It is the relevant information we acquire from finding data that is key. In order for that to happen, the data must be intelligibly processed and analysed for semantic relationships. Your xdot search server will be delivered as standard with one of the highest quality, comprehensive semantic ontologies available, maintained by linguistic experts. It contains over 80,000 nodes as well as 150,000 phrases and key words for data analysis. The default installation can be extended at any time with customised specialist ontologies. We are happy to advise you on this.


The xdot search product family is the successor to xfriend, the former enterprise search solution for professionals. The software was redeveloped and modified for xdot search Server and xdot search Client. The search solution is “made in Germany“ – all stages of development, consultation, customisation and support are overseen by xdot GmbH, a subsidiary of  Convotis AG.